Eveny Cheval: The narrator of The Dolls, Eveny arrives back in Carrefour after spending the last fourteen years in Brooklyn. She has no idea of the secrets that await her in the Louisiana town where she was born — and where her mother died under mysterious circumstances. Tough, full of heart and not afraid to be herself, she’s surprised when the most popular girls in town – Peregrine Marceau and Chloe St. Pierre – immediately gravitate to her. Is it because they knew her when they were all toddlers? Soon, she realizes that her fate is tied to theirs in ways she never could have imagined.

Peregrine Marceau: Sharp-tongued and sexy, Peregrine is undoubtedly the most popular girl at Pointe Laveau Academy. She’s also the object of most of the male population’s lust, a fact she doesn’t hesitate to throw around. She’s rarely seen without her pet snake Audowido around her neck or in her bag.

Chloe St. Pierre: Chloe is almost as beautiful and almost as popular as her longtime best friend Peregrine. She tries not to harbor jealousy over the fact that although she’s a very close second, she’s still always a runner-up. She’s a romantic who believes in fate and true love.

Caleb Shaw: A mysterious, brooding and PSAT-acing surfer, Caleb is like a magnet for Eveny; she’s drawn to him right away. But he’s hiding something, and his secret might be the thing that drives them apart forever.

Drew Grady: Drew’s mother and Eveny’s mother were good friends, so when Drew shows up at Eveny’s door a few days after she returns to Carrefour, she’s instantly comfortable with this guitar-playing, pickup truck-driving guy from her past. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a perfect gentleman – and cute too.

Liv Jimenez: Eveny is grateful to befriend Liv, who isn’t one of The Dolls. Sassy and a bit defensive, she’s loyal to a fault once she deems you a friend.

Boniface Baptiste: The grandfatherly caretaker of the Cheval mansion, Boniface helped raise Eveny’s mother and loved her like a daughter. He’s very protective of Eveny and wants to help her acclimate to her new life, but like many others in Carrefour, his deeply-held secrets could be his undoing.

shadowsMain de Lumière: This shadowy, mysterious organization was founded on the principle that all magic is evil and that it accordingly must be eliminated from the world — by any means necessary.

Beatrice “Aunt Bea” Cheval: Eveny’s Aunt Bea has never gotten over her sister Sandrine’s death, which left a three-year-old Eveny in her care fourteen years ago. A talented baker, she’s opening her own pastry business, but she’s also worrying deeply about Eveny’s fate.

Sandrine Cheval: Sandrine is Eveny’s mother, who died fourteen years ago at the age of twenty-eight, when Eveny was only three. Now that Eveny is back in Carrefour, her thoughts – and sometimes her dreams – are filled with haunting memories of her mom.

Margaux Guillory and Arelia Martel: So similar and codependent that some people in town call them “The Clones,” Margaux and Arelia are part of Peregrine’s and Chloe’s group and are desperate to please the more popular girls. They cater lunch each day – including providing the champagne and gin & tonics to keep the party going in the Hickories.

Pascal Auteuil: Handsome and smarmy, Pascal is irreversibly convinced of his own hotness. He believes he’s God’s gift to the opposite sex. Plenty of Carrefour girls – and women – agree.

Justin Cooper: Smart and shy, Justin is part of Peregrine’s and Chloe’s group of friends, but the feelings he has for Chloe may not be exactly what they appear to be.

Meredith Dean: Eveny’s best friend in Brooklyn, Meredith begins to grow distant once Eveny has moved away.

Max Ellison: The best friend of Liv, Max is a smart, scrawny hipster who wear Buddy Holly glasses and tells Eveny right away that he’s gay, just so that she doesn’t “accidentally develop a crush” on him. Eveny likes him immediately.

kiki_authorKiki Sullivan (author): Like her main character, EVENY, Kiki used to live in New York and now calls the American South home. Unlike Eveny, she finds it impossible to keep her rose garden alive and has been singlehandedly responsible for the demise of countless herbs. She may or may not have hung out with queens of the dark arts, strolled through creepy New Orleans cemeteries at night, and written the first book of this series with a redheaded Louisiana voodoo doll beside her computer. She tweets at @sullivan_kiki.

“The Dolls”…Music by Addie, lyrics by Kiki Sullivan. Performed by Addie and The Dolls.


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All illustrations by Andrada-Aurora Hansen